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The BioMX contains - BioImaging, BioMedical, BioMind(AI) and many BioM possibility.

包含創新光聲醫學實驗室, Photoacoustic Medical Imaging Innovation Lab and 仿生智能控制與虛實整合實驗室 BIOMIMETRIC INTELLIGENT CONTROL AND VIRTUAL-TO-REAL INTEGRATION LABORATORY.


Dr. Tsu-Wang (David) Shen

Dr. Shen is the associate Professor of ACE department at Feng Chia University, Taiwan. He received his PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin - Madison (USA), and a total of two MS degrees in Electrical & Computer Engineering; one at UW-Madison; and the second at Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago, USA). He has worked in the area of biomedical engineering and artificial intelligence, has published many patents, papers and book chapters in those fields. He is a STB (Stanford-Taiwan program) fellow since year 2012. Star Award of Hsinchu Science Park and Taiwan Healthcare and Agricultural Biotech Industries Innovation and Excellence Awards were won in his career records.

專長 :仿生智能控制、深度學習、設計思考、VR/AR實境技術、光學設計、生醫工程、生物醫學訊號處理、安全辨識


Creativity is not just creation but also be a practical solution. Step by step is the only way to speed up.

仿生智能控制 Biomimetric Ctrl.

(EI) Tsu-Wang Shen*, Ting-Fong Laio, BIO-LEGO: An Interactive LEGO Robot Inspired by AI Fusion, Bio-signals, and Attention Biofeedback Technologies, International Journal of Electrical Engineering, vol.19, no.1, pp. 11-21, Feb 2012.

實境整合技術 VR Integration

YL Hsin, T Harnod and TW Shen*, "Using Fuzzy C-Means Index Matrix on Magnetic Resonance Images to Define Possible Cortical Malformations with Epilepsy - A Pilot Study", Annals of Neurological Surgery, vol.1 no.1, p.p.1003, 2017.

智慧感測裝置 Smart Sensing

Chern-Sheng Lin *, Shih-Hua Chen, Che-Ming Chang, Tsu-Wang Shen, The crack detection of the retaining wall with an Innovative Ensemble Learning Method in a Dynamic Imaging System, Manuscript ID: sensors-596728, 2019

光聲影像量測 Photoacoustic

(Best paper) Tsu-Wang Shen, Hemalatha Mani, Yuwei Zhan, "Glucose Level Detection in Vitro Based on Fourier Transform of Photoacoustic Imaging Signals", International Conference on Medical and Health Informatics 2018, June, 2018.

生醫訊號處理 Biomedical Signals

(IF= 0.69) T. Shen, H. Shen, C. Lin, Y. Ou, "Sudden Cardiac Death Detection Methods Based on ECG Biometric Technologies", J Comput Eng Inf Technol., S1-002, p.p.1-8, 2016. doi:10.4172/2324-9307.S1-002